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Resident & Community Services

Since its inception, BRIDGE has believed that an apartment with an affordable rent should be a stepping stone for advancement. That's why we provide targeted programs and services for residents of all ages, to help them move toward lifelong success.

Programs at BRIDGE properties expand residents’ educational opportunities and financial security, provide access to health and wellness resources and services, build community and connect them to safety net resources. More than 350 programs are offered at 77 BRIDGE properties, including:

  • Programs for children and teens—such as summer camps, mentoring, homework clubs and after-school programs—that offer academic support and enrichment, create community, extend child care hours and ensure access to health education.

  • Adult programs ranging from English as a Second Language to financial literacy. These programs expand opportunities for residents and support them in attaining their educational goals, advancing into fulfilling careers and achieving greater financial stability.

  • Senior programs—such as brain fitness, health programs and referrals—that facilitate access to community resources and support their independence, quality of life, and health and wellness. BRIDGE also operates two licensed senior facilities, which offer long-term care and specialized services for seniors aging in place.

  • In addition, residents of BRIDGE’s family properties are eligible to apply for scholarships under the Alan and Ruth Stein Educational Assistance Program. Each year, we award 30 scholarships of up to $6,000 each to residents who are completing or continuing their educations.

BRIDGE partners with local agencies and the best providers in the field to bring programs to residents for free in their own community rooms. We tailor programs directly to resident needs and we coordinate classes and workshops from a central location, keeping staffing costs lower.

BRIDGE also contributes to the well-being of neighborhoods surrounding our properties with:

  • On-site child care centers that serve a range of families

  • Community services and facilities such as senior programs, parks, open space and libraries

  • Neighborhood-serving retail in our mixed-use developments