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Our Residents

Who Lives in BRIDGE Housing? At BRIDGE, we measure our productivity in terms of output—the number of homes and value of construction completed. But our true measure of success is the difference we make in people’s lives, and that begins with residents in BRIDGE developments.

BRIDGE Residents Represent a Range of Occupations

Our residents are teachers, construction workers, childcare professionals, and retail clerks—all priced out of the housing market. They are employed in occupations that reflect today's diversified labor market. They hold not only lower-skilled positions but managerial and executive positions as well. The diversity within BRIDGE communities speaks to a larger trend: even individuals employed in highly skilled supervisory positions are still unable to afford market-rate housing.

BRIDGE Residents Are Part of the Community

BRIDGE residents view their development as more than a physical space to live. They create neighborhood associations and develop personal relationships among their neighbors. Prior to moving into a BRIDGE property, residents had lived in the same town or city for an average of 12 years. Having the ability to stay within the same community brings stability to our homes, our schools and our communities. Lack of housing and frequent moves can adversely affect children's school attendance and performance. By providing families with safe, affordable housing in their own communities, BRIDGE helps to increase civic participation and promotes family and financial stability.

BRIDGE Residents Live and Work in the Community

By living in homes that are affordable and located near their jobs, BRIDGE residents are able to live and work in the same community. Nearly 70% of Bay Area BRIDGE families work in the same city in which they live, compared to only 39% of Bay Area residents in general. Homes located close to jobs allow families to build community and family life rather than spending time commuting to work. An added benefit to everyone is the reduction in traffic and congestion on the roads. Read our publication: Who Lives in BRIDGE Housing.