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Our History

In 1983, BRIDGE was formed from a major anonymous grant given to the San Francisco Foundation to spearhead new solutions to the worsening shortage of affordable housing. This came about as the Bay Area Council and its business members were voicing concern that high housing costs were undermining the region’s workforce and economy.

A special blue-ribbon task force, headed by Alan L. Stein, decided on a practical approach. Instead of conducting more studies, their vision was an organization that could actually build quality affordable housing at a large scale – not just hundreds, but thousands of homes within reach of the Bay Area's low- and moderate-income residents. The Task Force selected Rick Holliday and Don Terner to lead the organization and implement the ambitious vision.

BRIDGE has shown what can be done with clear vision, the right leadership, and a strong base of community support. Our accomplishments to date have surpassed even the ambitious hopes of its founders. Beyond creating homes, BRIDGE is building and revitalizing communities often on a large scale. Our vision continues to be realized, building by building, year after year. Over two decades, those increments add up to a significant impact throughout the state.  And for BRIDGE, this is only the beginning.